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Images - Surface Area and Pore Size Analyzers - Autosorb - iQ/MP-XR
Metal-to-metal (VCR) fittings employed in the measurement manifold(s) for extremely low leak rate, a dedicated Po (saturation pressure) transducer, and a long life Dewar (90+ hours, even with three samples) are all standard features. 12mm, 9mm and 6mm sample cells (with or without bulbs) offer the widest sample-type flexibility.One port is available as a chemisorption station, complete with a high temperature furnace coupled with fan-assisted cooling. The chemi- version is also offered with optional flow-based measurement capabilities (TPX, pulse titration). The chemi station retains full physisorption capability.
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A vapor dosing option is available for both physi - and chemi-units and features a 50oC thermostatted manifold chamber. Models are available with up to four built-in degas ports (turbo pumped vacuum is standard on the MP and C models) and feature computer-controlled ramp/hold/test protocols, a dedicated cold-trap, and optionally a second (dedicated) vacuum system. This eliminates the need to degas on the analysis stations thus preventing contamination of the analysis section. The host of models, options, accessories, configurations and upgradeability make the Autosorb-iQ the most advanced instrument of its type available today, with a single PC being able to control up to 4 autosorb-iQ units.

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